Sinah Common, Hayling Island

Sinah Common is the area of land that sits on the very southwestern fringe of Hayling Island and borders, Southmoor and Farlington Marsh, two nature reserves managed by The Hampshire Wildlife Trust. This whole area is of significant botanic interest and is managed sympathetically by Havant Borough Council. 

sinah common hayling island

The common enjoys the cool and humid sea breeze provided by the south-westerly winds that blow across the Solent to the south and the entrance to Langston Harbour to the west. The common provides a warm favorable climate for bees, with an enormous variety of flora and fauna that produces a diverse and full flavored honey. Local nature expert, Ralph Hollins, gives details of 20 walks that offer the very best of local wildlife and plant life, which you can find here. 

Interesting plants continue to be found - in 1997 an invader from North America (Common Fiddleneck or Amsinkia micrantha) was found for the first time, and in searching for it in 1998 an even more interesting discovery was made of several plants including Childing Pink (Petrorhagia Nanteuilii), which had previously thought to be confined to only West Sussex. 

Varieties of Flora and Fauna at Sinah Common

The common includes many hundreds of pollen and nectar rich plants throughout the year including: 
Slender Hare's
Yellow Horned Poppies
Danish Scurvy-grass
Southern Marsh orchids
Meadow Buttercup
Oxeye Daisy
Common Knapweed
Wild Red Clover
Red Campion

The wildlife is also abundant with a huge variety of insects, birds and small mammals. There are at least two wild colonies of honey bees that have set up home in hollowed out trees and continue to enjoy the nectar and pollen rich environment to sustain themselves. 

Common birdlife includes: 
Wheatear or Dartford Warbler
Buff Breasted Sandpiper
Short-Eared Owl
Common Gull