Pure Beeswax Traditional 'Skep' Shaped Candle

Pure Beeswax Traditional 'Skep' Shaped Candle


These are our best selling candle and are formed in the shape of the ‘skep’ which was a very traditional beehive made in many parts of the world from straw or similar grasses. It was the earliest form of beehive and is still in use today by beekeepers all over the world.

These burn for around 6 hours and will not give off any black smoke because they only contain natural beeswax. They are not scented because beeswax candles have their own fragrant natural smell which some liken to ‘cooking biscuits’.

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The skep candle measures approximately 4cm in height with a diameter of 4.5cm and weighs approx 50g

Each one is made individually by hand using a wax moulding process and utilising silicone wax moulds and therefore there will be very small differences in each candle which makes them entirely unique.