Natural Beeswax Food Wraps (Bread Pack).

Natural Beeswax Food Wraps (Bread Pack).


It would be difficult to deny that the world probably has enough plastic and we are struggling to clear up the mess that we have already made.

Beeswax wraps are growing in prominence and are a good and workable alternative to using cling film. The warmth of your hand on the wraps is what allows them to shape around things. It’s easiest when they’re at room temperature.

They do not leach any harmful chemicals into your food and allow food to breathe so it stays fresh and tasty. They will last for several years but, when they do finally reach the end of their life, they are 100% bio-degradable so will compost or you can use them as natural firelighters.

We sell three different packet sizes:

Mixed Pack - (Contains three wraps one of each of the following sizes: 20cm x 20cm, 28cm x 28cm, 34cm x 34cm)

Medium Pack - (Contains three wraps each 28cm x 28cm)

Large Pack - (Contains two wraps each 34cm x 34cm)

Bread Pack - (Contains one wrap 50cm x 50cm)

We have worked hard to identify these as the most useful sizes for use with common dish sizes.

We only use natural ingredients and we source our material locally. We use a unique combination of natural beeswax from our own bees, locally sourced pine resin and Jojoba oil and the material is 100% natural cotton.

The colours and patterns of the material used will vary but if you contact us we will try to meet any specific colour and pattern requests that you may have.

Each pack comes in environmentally saensitive packaging and with a full set of care instructions.

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Caring for your wraps

Wash with soap in cold or slightly warm water and hang to dry

Pasteurise every few months in the oven. Lay on baking paper in 100c oven for no more than 3 minutes

Do not use to wrap hot food, make sure all food is cold before you use the wraps (including the bowl/dish)

Wraps are not suitable for using in the microwave

They’re not designed to be used with very drippy foods.

Please note these wraps are flammable so keep away from naked flames.