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Welcome to Sinah Common Honey

We are a small scale local producer of natural raw honey managing approximately 200 colonies of honeybees on fiteen apiary sites. Our apiaries are located on Hayling Island and also to the north of the island, on the mainland, nestled away in beautiful countryside on the south side of the South Downs.

Our bees produce raw natural honey from the nectar of plants in very specific geographic areas; bees typically have a maximum foraging range of 3 miles radius from their hives, thus we can be entirely confident about where the pollen and nectar originates from that goes into every jar of delicious Sinah Common Honey.

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Founder John Geden

Founder of Sinah Common Honey, John Geden, was born in Kent and at the age of 17 he joined the British Army serving as a commissioned officer in the Corps of Royal Military Police (RMP). He served in a variety of operational environments and conflicts and commanded the RMP airborne unit in Aldershot.  In 1992 he left the army and after marrying Jo who was a ‘Hayling Islander’ they bought their first house in the Mill Rythe area. Find out more about John »


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Where Can You Find Our Honey?

As well as selling a range of products direct from this website, we also trade our honey from a number of stores around the south coast of England and markets and fairs further afield. Click below to find out more about our stockists and locations. 

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