Local Golden Goodness

Hello... welcome to Sinah Common Honey, we are a small scale local producer of natural raw honey managing approximately 110 colonies of honeybees on nine apiary sites. Our apiaries are located on Hayling Island and also to the north of the island, on the mainland, nestled away in beautiful countryside on the south side of the South Downs.

Our bees produce raw natural honey from the nectar of plants in very specific geographic areas; bees typically have a maximum foraging range of 3 miles radius from their hives and so we can be entirely confident about where the pollen and nectar originates from that goes into every jar of delicious 'Sinah Common Honey'. 

In contrast with honey taken from the shelf of a local supermarket, which is most likely to be a blend of honey imported from EU and non-EU countries, our raw honey is seasonal, fresh, and from a clearly defined & identifiable local area. For people who want to know where their food comes from it doesn't get much more local than this! Our honey is removed from the hive, spun, strained and placed in the jar which means that the honey in your jar is as pure as it was when it was placed in the hive by the foraging bees.

Sinah Common is an environmentally sensitive area located in the south west corner of Hayling Island. Nestled in the gap between the southern and northern shore-lines, the common was used by the military during the second world war but now accommodates more sedate activities such as golf, rambling and fishing. The flora and fauna are extensive and in the spring the wild flowers such as clover, buttercup, crab-apple and seaside pansies are in abundance. In the summer these give way to blackberry, hawthorne, tree lupin, lime trees and burdock. The flowers all grow gently in the sea breeze only interrupted by the strike of a golf ball at the nearby famous links course, or the gentle sound of a fishing reel at the fishing lake. There are a variety of walks along the shoreline and across the common and all the while, in the background, hardly noticeable... our bees are busy at work collecting nectar and pollen to make a golden treat.

We sell our honey directly to the public at local farmers markets and food festivals and it is in high demand so tends to sells out very quickly. We also offer swarm rescue services, courses, beekeeping experiences, pollination services and much more.

Take a look through the different sections of our website to learn more about the honeybee and the honey that ours produce...